Welcome to Firehouse of God Ministries- Our church is located at 306 5th Avenue in Sterling, Illinois 

    Located at 306 5th Avenue in Sterling, Illinois 815-622-9490 (Church)
403 W. 2nd St. in Rock Falls, Illinois (Fire Museum)

Community Light

What is Community Light?

Community Light Homeless Programs:

Matthew 5:16 Let your light shine before people, that they may see your good works and praise your Heavenly Father.

Our Community Light program consists of the Homeless Meals and Rescue Missions 
and Summer Kids Program. 

Our Homeless dinner program is served to the homeless and hungry individuals Monday-Friday from 5:00-6:00 pm.  

This is also a great way for the community to get involved!   Many people from the surrounding area donate their time to help cook and serve or donate food items that volunteers cook.

Our Men's Rescue Mission exists to help those individuals who find themselves homeless for various reasons and need a time of living under a strict program to help them get their lives on the right track. 

Those in the Rescue Mission programs are required to follow strict rules to help them get a better start in life.  They are also required to meet with an overseer each week to help them find a job, plan a budget, etc.


During the summer we deliver lunches to children in the community Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday through the "Lets Feed Our Children" program.



Want to help out?

Please consider donating some of these important needed items:


spaghetti sauce       sloppy joe sauce       tuna

mixed vegetables    soups                        ketchup

mustard                  mayo                          pasta

salt                         pepper                       cereals

hamburger helper   scalloped potatoes   dish soap

pine sol                  The Works toilet       Mr. Clean spray

napkins                  toilet paper               laundry soap

hand soap             SOS pads                disinfectant spray

39 gal. garbage bags   foil                     13 gal. garbage bags

bath towels             hand towels            wash cloths

pillows                   pillow cases             

financial donations for Rescue Missions utilities/bills/repairs


Donations may be brought to 306 5th Ave. in Sterling.

Give us a call at 815-622-9490 so we know you're coming!

All financial donations are tax deductible.


To donate online:

Community Light Update 2015


In 2014 we housed 36 people in our Rescue Missions and our hunger program fed a total of 13,398 meals.  Meals are cooked year-round once a day, Monday through Friday.  All are welcome and it's always free!

Community Light History

Firehouse of God Ministries began the Community Light Program with the Free Feeding Program in 2005. In the beginning we served 10-15 meals 6 days a week at lunchtime - in 2013 we added a dinner serving 5 days per week and the number served grew to 14,076 meals for the year! We also maintain 2 Men's Rescue Mission homes housing men from 1 day to 1 year or more. In 2011 we accepted responsibility (including 3 meals a day) for the Council House which houses 6-7 men on a continuous basis providing a 24x7 caretaker for the men. Volunteers sustain all of our programs.

Community Light Statistics

Housing Homeless    Meals Served

2005                          served 386 meals

2006  housed 7          served 3,365

2007  housed 62        served 5,739

2008  housed 41        served 5,919

2009  housed 44        served 6,802

2010   housed 23        served 7,739

2011  housed 31        served 6,966

2012  housed 27        served 10,146

2013  housed 39        served 14,076

2014  housed 36        served 13,398 meals

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