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March 2012 Newsletter

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Firehouse of God Ministries – Vol. 5 – Issue #3 March 2012







Could 2012 be the year of Christ’s return?


Speak Out For:


The Catholics…


First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a communist;

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a trade unionist;

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew;

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak out for me.


Catholic bishops informed parishioners of the recent White House edict forcing religious hospitals, schools, charities and other health and social service providers to provide "free" abortifacient pills, sterilizations and contraception on demand in their insurance plans -- even if it violates their moral consciences and the teachings of their churches.


Catholic bishops informed parishioners of the recent White House edict forcing religious hospitals, schools, charities and other health and social service providers to provide "free" abortifacient pills, sterilizations and contraception on demand in their insurance plans -- even if it violates their moral consciences and the teachings of their churches.


Bishop Alexander Sample of Marquette, Mich., asserted plainly: "We cannot -- we will not -- comply with this unjust law."


Speak Out For:


Purity and Abstinence…


Commitment to purity increasing worldwide, says group - Charlie Butts - OneNewsNow - 1/29/2012


The ninth annual Day of Purity is coming up, being held this year on Valentine's Day. (Although Valentine’s Day is past that does not lessen the need to encourage purity and abstinence)


Amber Haskew, the group's international president, says they are encouraging people to mark the day by wearing a white ribbon or wristband to symbolize their commitment to purity and fidelity within marriage.


"Living pure is just so, so important," says Haskew. "Everything from higher income to a lower divorce rate to the obvious physical benefit, and even a lower amount of depression, is found in those who are sexually abstinent outside of marriage." Haskew believes that in this promiscuous world, people are looking for a better way to live.


"The Day of Purity really just took off last year. We went from participation of eight countries to individuals reaching out to the Day of Purity in 37 countries around the world," Haskew comments. "So everywhere from London to Japan to Africa, there's a huge need and recognition of the importance of purity and abstinence." The website DayofPurity.com has resources for individuals and information on flyers that can be given to loved ones.


Speak Out For:


Christians imprisoned for their faith…


Hope for believers' release from North Korea's prison -While North Korea is set to grant amnesty to prisoners, Open Doors USA awaits word whether that will include any Christians. General amnesties for a few prisoners, political and otherwise, are granted twice a year, but Open Doors spokesman Jerry Dykstra says this time it has special meaning to the North Korean leadership.


"It's really to commemorate deceased leaders Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il who died last December," says Dykstra. "It would be the 100th birthday in April of Kim Il-Sung." There are believed to be about 200,000 people behind bars for political and religious reasons. "We believe there's 40,000 to 70,000 Christians who are in prison in some of the worst kind of conditions you can imagine," says the ministry spokesman. "Some of them are being tortured by other prisoners. Many of them do not have enough food. Many of them call it a living hell."


According to Dykstra, amnesty is usually granted only to those who are considered re-educated, meaning they have performed well in their tasks and in mandatory ideology classes. Generally people in the labor camps are never released because they are considered incurable, but Dykstra points out that usually Christians granted amnesty walk out of prison with their faith intact.


For the tenth year in a row, North Korea has remained ranked number one on Open Doors' list of countries where persecution of Christians is prevalent.


Thirty-five Christians have been jailed in Saudi Arabia for worshiping in their own homes according to a recent report. The news only surfaced this week that the Christians have been imprisoned for over a month.


Jonathan Racho of International Christian Concern says it is no wonder that Christians there worship in their homes because of the danger they face. "In Saudi Arabia there is no church," says the ICC spokesman. "There is no other place of worship other than mosques -- so the Christians in Saudi Arabia only gather at their private homes to worship. And when they worship, as you can see in this particular example, they could also be arrested."


Racho was able to talk with one of the female prisoners by phone and explains that prisoners are suffering because of lack of proper medical attention. "They told me that especially the male prisoners have been assaulted by the Saudi officials," he shares.












Part 2 – Raising Up Fearless Kids by Wes Fleming – submitted by Erin Stroud


(Last month was #1 Cultivate a Healthy Capacity to Trust)


2. Help Children Identify Their Feelings


Helping children acknowledge their fears is the first step to overcoming them. Sometimes just naming the emotion brings relief. When a child is able to admit, “I feel afraid,” he/she feels less helpless and out of control.


Ask open-ended questions to help a child understand his/her feelings. “What’s going on? What are you feeling? Be careful not to ask questions that accuse. Questions such as “Why did you do that?” or “Why are you acting this way?” cause children to hide their feelings. Second, speculate about children’s feelings to help them open up. Ask, “Are you afraid? A lot of children feel afraid when they see scary pictures and hear such scary things on TV”


3. Identify Underlying Reasons for Fear


To overcome fear, we must identify and disarm the beliefs that sustain the fear. Ridicule, for instance, is most painful for children who have underlying doubts about themselves. If a child believes he’s ugly or stupid, he’s more likely to take the teasing of his friends personally. The 10-year-old boy who’s afraid of being called “dumb” by his peers at school, for instance, may believe that what his friends say is true. By helping kids realize the truth about themselves or the facts about a particular event, we remove fear’s teeth.


My 6-year-old was watching the evening news on September 11 and saw footage of the destruction of the World Trade Center. Suddenly, she began to cry, “Oh no! Another plane crashed into a building!” My poor daughter! Each time she saw the replay of the horrific event, she believed it was another plane crash. When I accurately interpreted the frightening information for her, she was less fearful and anxious.


“The truth will set them free!” Help your children get the facts about who they are, who God is, and how real the threat of loss really is.


4. Guide Children’s Plan to Handle Fear


Kids rebel against our ideas – not their own! When children, especially older kids, feel like adults are limiting their opportunities to gain independence and to think for themselves, they’re like to resist us. That’s why wise parents and teachers encourage children to come up with solutions to fearful situations.


In our eagerness to provide comfort and reassurance, we can actually do more harm than good. Moms and Dads whose parental instincts run amuck try to solve all their children’s problems and handle all their fears. “I can’t believe those rotten kids call you ‘dumb.’ I’m going to call your teacher right now! No one gets away with calling my child names!” Unintentionally, an “overprotective” parent robs her child of opportunities to sharpen problem-solving skills, to learn strategies for overcoming fear, and to grow in confidence. Children whose parents “take care” of their fears not only grow up not knowing how to take care of themselves. To foster confidence and problem-solving in her child, the above mother might say this: “Being called a name hurts. What can you do to stop it?” And rather than offering unsolicited advice, she might ask, “Would you like to know what I do when someone says something mean about me?” By asking permission rather than dictating what children should do, parents can help children feel that their decision-making counts.


A great way to help preschoolers handle fear is to play with them. One mother frantically shared with me the week after September 11. “I think there’s something wrong with my son. He keeps building LEGO towers and crashing his toy plane into them.” She was relieved to discover that this behavior was totally normal. Children often act out their fears through play. Instead of reacting negatively to behavior that seems violet or horrific, play with children. “Let’s get the fire trucks and save those people in the building. We need to pray for them.” Playing is God’s therapy for kids during times of stress. Encourage children to write a story, draw a picture, or act out the fear-provoking event to help them resolve their anxiety.



The Friendship Circle


The prayer request forms that are filled out

on Sundays are given to us for prayers each



. .Sheryl Noble



The Council House


Delicious Sunday meals continue to arrive at the Council House – Robert and the residents send their heartfelt thanks!






Thanks to all who contributed birthday gifts for Ruth – I’m sure she will be surprised and delighted when she receives her birthday box!


…Annie Vroman






Sharing and Caring



Prayer Request Form – in the back of the pews you will find a small Prayer Request Form – fill it out and put it in with the offering – the Friendship Circle ladies will be praying for you! There are also forms in the Fellowship Hall for guests who come to dinner/lunch


Greeter Ministry – greet the congregation as they arrive – men, women & youth – need 2 volunteers per week – see Pastor Brian if interested





March Events & Activities




6th – Al Adams, Sr 25th – David Campbell

7th – Dominique Evans 26th – Carol Kirby

16th – Jeff Pursell 26th – Julia Renner

20th – Tricia Campbell 31st – Reece Buyno


* * * * * * * * *


11th – Daylight Savings Time begins – turn clocks ahead 1 hour!

17th – St. Patrick’s Day

17th – Fun Fair at Christ Lutheran School – we will be taking our inflatables

20th – 1st Day of Spring

25th – Children’s Sermon / Communion / 2nd Annual Chili Cookoff after service


Notes from February: Annie Vroman’s request for birthday gifts for Ruth in Haiti was a great success!




* * * * * * * *



Men’s Ministry – to be announced – Leader needed!

Women’s Friendship Circle will meet Thursdays 6:30p.m. at Sheryl Noble’s home - 1134 West 23rd ST, Rock Falls

Community Light Feeding Program: Monday – Friday 5:00pm – 6:00pm Dinner Served / Saturday 12:00pm – 1:00pm Lunch Served

Firehouse Youth Ministry – Sundays 6:00 p.m. at the church





Community Light




Matthew 5:16 Let your light shine before people, that they may see your good works and praise your Heavenly Father


Summer/Winter Homeless Ministry and

Summer Kids Program


Feeding the homeless and the hungry – providing temporary shelter for men and women.










Homeless Coordinator Men’s Rescue Leaders

Mike Russell Barb Evans


Council House Caretakers –

Clayton Conrady / Robert Pyron

Volunteer - Darryl Snow


Shelter Dinner / Lunch Shift Leaders

Mike Russell – Keven Miller - Marcia Rodekamp

Margo Converse


Shelter Dinner / Lunch Assistants

Sean Broughton – Sheryl Noble


Youth Leader

Josh Stroud


Youth Co-Leader

Clayton Conrady


Children’s Church Coordinator

Erin Stroud































Thanks & Blessings to all who volunteer in any way to carry out the Lord’s work at the Firehouse



Old News Items…


Schaller Herald Schaller, Iowa February 27, 1896


Arrangements are being perfected whereby the Christian church bell will be used as a fire bell.


This is a splendid plan, and is much better than the committee expected to arrange. The bell is of good size, loud sounding and centrally located.


A tolling attachment will be added and the outside door will always be found unlocked, so that in case of fire any person may enter and ring the alarm, which will be by rapidly tolling the bell.



LeMars, Iowa Sentinel November 1882


-Jim Brown, the Indian, was fined $10 and sentenced to twenty days in jail at Ferryville one day last week for trying to drown his squaw



Christian News from onenewsnow.com – sent to you weekly in a separate email




Stand up, stand up for Jesus,

stand in his strength alone;

the arm of flesh will fail you,

ye dare not trust your own.

Put on the gospel armor,

each piece put on with prayer;

where duty calls or danger,

be never wanting there.












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